We are so excited to publish the 30th edition of the TV Key Facts.

Over the course of this tumultuous period, there has been a vast amount of time for reflection. We have seen the ongoing importance of TV and video content in a rapidly changing media landscape wherein the consumer plays a bigger role in shaping the agenda.

We focus on unravelling the dynamics of audiences, brands, and publishers in the ever-evolving media world. With new invaluable insights, we unveil strategies to tackle ongoing challenges and anticipate current trends for you to thrive in our industry. 

We are enormously appreciative of all the contributors who shared their predictions on the future of advertising and media, we couldn’t do it without you. Alongside this magazine, you get access to our online database where you can find data on domestic and international channels on numerous platforms in 33 countries worldwide for both TV and digital. Enjoy!


The RTL AdAlliance team