What can I find in the TV Key Facts website?

A global tool for your marketing strategies.

This year the TV Key Facts brand has its own unique dedicated website with the best of Total Video insights and news, available under multiple and complementary formats.

First, you can access our exclusive database by using your unique code. You’ll get the detailed media and advertising landscapes of 26 countries worldwide.

Second, if you’re looking for experts’ views and the latest thinking from international industry leaders, go to the Magazine tab where you’ll discover plenty of exclusive interviews, research articles and video content – all. year. long.

Finally, if you want to get all the latest trends hand on a silver platter, don’t miss our TV Key Facts Live event during which our own experts and international media and advertising specialists will bring fresh perspectives on both global and local advertising trends.

Save the date ‘November 19th’ and register here: www.tvkeyfacts.com/event

How do I access the database?

Signing in for the first time? Go to www.tvkeyfacts.com/database

You can use your unique access code, available on the first page of your TV Key Facts magazine. If you misplaced your copy or your code, contact us at tvkeyfacts@rtladconnect.com.

Once your code entered and activated, you’ll be able to create your own account and logins.


If you already have an activated account for the 2020 edition, just enter your logins.


You cannot login to the 2020 edition with a 2019 or prior access code or login details.

Do I need to remember my unique access code?

You access code is necessary to create your account and access the database for the first time.

Then, you’ll just need your login details (your email address and the password you created) to access the data.v

Can I share my code?

It’s a unique code so if you need more codes, feel free to contact us!

What types of data will I find on the database?

The TV Key Facts database bring marketers detailed trends and data on the media and advertising landscapes of 26 countries.

You will find Television & Digital insights about consumption, content and adspend.

List of countries available:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and the US.

Contact us for more details at tvkeyfacts@rtladconnect.com.

Where can I find more data on a specific topic?

We have a team of experts that will be happy to bring more insights & data on a large variety of topics related to consumption, content, media and advertising technologies, media effectiveness and ROI, sector analysis. Contact us at tvkeyfacts@rtladconnect.com.

With my 2020 access code, do I have access to previous year’s editions?

Once logged in the 2020 database, you have access to former editions (PDF).

I have an account for a previous edition of the database (2019 and prior). Can I still access the data once the new database is live?

If you had an account to access a previous edition and you’re not going to register to the 2020 edition but still want to consult the former data, please contact us at tvkeyfacts@rtladconnect.com.


How can I watch the catch-up of the online event?

You can watch the TV Key Facts Live catch-up on our dedicated event page or you can check out our YouTube channel RTL AdConnect.

How can I subscribe to the event coming up?

You can use the register button on the homepage and on our event page. Fill the form and you’ll receive a link in your mailbox to access the live session.

Where can I find more info about the speakers?


How do I order a copy of the magazine?

Order your copy: tvkeyfacts@rtladconnect.com

Price: 950 euros, VAT not included.


If you are a business partner, you can receive a free copy from your local RTL subsidiary. Contact us.

Can I save or share the TV Key Facts articles and interviews?

We’d be very happy to hear your thoughts!

You can share all articles and interviews on social media via the buttons on the left side of the page. Also, don’t hesitate to react in the “Leave a comment” section below each article/interview.

Technical difficulties

I have trouble registering to the TV Key Facts ; the module is not loading or not appearing correctly in my browser. What can I do?

The TV Key Facts website supports the most recent version of the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Firefox.

If you are experiencing issues, please make sure that you are using the most recent version of the supported browsers. If that is the problem, you may need to contact us: tvkeyfacts@rtladconnect.com.

I have another question or issue not mentioned above. Who should I contact?

You can contact our dedicated TV Key Facts team at tvkeyfacts@rtladconnect.com.